Michele Villetti
Composer, Drummer, Percussionist, crazy, creative, FreeThinker.


Enthusiastic percussionist, composer, producer and teacher with a deep knowledge of musictheory and a propensity to inspire students and people. Complete musical training includes the „ad personam“ method and numerous masters and laboratories. Exceptional drummer with 15 years of experience in the performing arts in Italy and abroad. Exceptional storage and improvisation and inventiveness in the composition. A meticulous musician who excelsat managing multiple tasks at the same time and working under pressure. Extensive experience gained in the field of record production, with annexed multimedia sectors in general (video, screenplays, production, etc.) and marketing (social media, press and media coverage). He has many years of experience in concerts and live performances both in Italy and abroad, often collaborating with international artists.Teacher of jazz, pop rock and fusion percussion, with more than 13 years of experience. Areas of expertise include: composition, film music, jazz percussion, drums, ensemble music, big bands, history of music, electronic music, composition and digital arrangement. Ihave a personal recording studio.

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Lyrics of the narrative voice:

Love is a wonderful discovery.
Like a blazing fire,
it keeps you warm
even if is just a sparkle.
And while it blazes,
it lights up the road.
It hides, it waits, it shows itself.
You see it in the eyes.
And suddenly…
it burns you!
Sometimes you’re not aware of it,
sometimes it’s just right in front of your eyes.
You’re scared to get burned. No, not this time.
Your heart is beating.
And then,
in just an instant…
a moment
which changes everything.
It burns.
And yet,
the flame is still there.
It doesn’t matter how much it hurts,
you still want to feel that warmth blazing.
You can’t control it.
It inflames your soul.
You can’t control it.
But the fire
it’s still there.
And it still burns. A bit of rain
and it’s spent.
There’s still a spark.
it still can blaze,
light up,
It burns!
Where does a love end?
in a moment of a lifetime,
That’s all that matters.
Quelle: Youtube

Quelle: Youtube
Official Video from the Album „The Genius, Back to Earth“, by Michele Villetti.

MICHELE VILLETTI. Drummer, Percussionist, Composer, Free Thinker hailing from Italy.

Directed by Simone Schiralli
Screenplay: Fortunato Licandro
Music, idea and concept: Michele Villetti
Makeup artist: Marika Nocilli
Costume designer: „L’Orlo by Munch“ Nicoletta Di Paolo
Assistant director: Eliseo Acanfora
Scenography: Piergiorgio Pirgy Marini
Wolf trainer: Daniele Babbini
Drone worker: Riccardo Scorsino


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The Genius
Michele Villetti
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