Kelsie Kimberlin, who has stepped into the music world with an accelerating success, released her new song and video, ‘Dancing Hearts,’ on the 20th of January 2021 to celebrate the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Kimberlin opens about her new single: There is a brand-new hope across the planet that our historic election will usher in an era of lasting progressive change that will focus on taking care of the needs of humanity and the environment. ‘Dancing Hearts’ expresses my joy at what is to come — the ‘Roaring 20s,’ filled with incredible possibilities and a renaissance in the expressive arts”.

The upbeat tune urges people to soak up and enjoy the brand-new atmosphere. The accompanying video compiles footage from around the world of people spontaneously celebrating the results of the November 3rd election. It is just what people need right now to make them smile after all the recent tragedies.

Dancing Hearts’ is Kelsie’s third release since June, and her previous releases, ‘Lobotomy,’ and ‘American Guns’ have received critical acclaim and millions of views on YouTube. We are excited to present to you ‘Dancing Hearts’ by Kelsie Kimberlin!

Bild/Text by Kelsie Kimberlin/Eshed Music & Art

Bild/Text by Kelsie Kimberlin/Eshed Music & Art

Kelsie Kimberlin, who has stepped into the music world with accelerating success, released a brand-new single “Right Place Wrong Time” on September 20th. Kelsie’s is set to take over screens and speakers around the globe with gripping sincerity on display from sight to sound. Her previous releases, ‘Lobotomy,’ ‘American Guns,’ ‘Dancing Hearts,’ ‘Hazy Day,’ ‚Bring Together,‘ ‚Masterpiece,‘ and ‚Dusty Road‘ have already received not only critical acclaim but millions of views on YouTube, SoundCloud, and other platforms.

Right Place Wrong Time” embraces the pain and isolation, turning tragedy into real art in the process. In a bold examination of the devastation, love can leave in its wake, it can turn hearts and minds from being united to becoming a relationship no longer possible to navigate in tandem. From the grim reality of being alone, to crippling emotional depression, to the everlasting effect of toxic relationships and the ghosts the people we love in life leave behind permanently to walk the halls of our mind forever – Kelsie has created both the anthem for the heartbroken and the means to rebuild through a powerful sensory experience that cuts right to the bone with its insightfully evocative vibes and lyricism.

Kelsie shares about the single: „Heartbreak and loss of true love are sometimes too much to bear which is what! I sing about in Right Place Wrong Time. The song and video will haunt just like the lingering torment of lost love.” Stay tuned