Alle Lizenzen/Rechte für Bilder/Grafiken/Text. by Renegade Angel

Renegade Angel is a melodic heavy metal project run by Jani Pöysä. Acknowledging his limits to performing and recording he searched for the best musicians that would be able to implement his vision for this project. There is a difference in style between the songs, but have catchy riffs, strong sing-along choruses, amazing solos, and awesome guitar harmonies.

Alejandro Fernandez (Trescent) is the lead singer, synth player, occasional guitarist and producer on every track and has also helped developing musical ideas to their perfection. Lukky Sparxx (Guitars/Exxocet) has had a key role in developing these ideas into the best songs they could be. We’ve been featured on the biggest music publications and national radio in both Finland and Sweden but got broad support all over the world. The reception has been amazing and we’ve even gotten huge names such as Tim „Ripper“ Owens sing on our songs and recommend our music.

Lyrical themes revolve around the realities of a dystopian harsh world and the importance to stand up for yourself and what’s right.